Health Services

Skilled Nursing Care/Long Term Care

Our dedicated PCNC staff cares for our residents with a level of skill that is unmatched. Our goal is to make sure that the individual well being of residents is maintained, giving priority attention to their emotional and social needs. We believe in providing quality care while preserving the rights, dignity, and self-respect of our residents.

Short Term Rehab Program

Perry-County-16Our team of nurses, therapists and support staff work closely to develop an individualized rehabilitation plan for each patient. When the goal is to return home, the patient’s prior level of function is a key to our staff, we will strive to obtain the safest transition back to home.

We have on-site physical and occupational therapists and speech pathologists dedicated to bringing the latest advances to our patients. They utilize therapy modalities combined with a comprehensive therapy program for strengthening, balance training, pain reduction, wound healing, and increasing range of motion. Our Speech Pathologist incorporates swallowing, language and cognitive procedures to meet the needs of our patients. Patients may receive rehab services 5-6 days per week depending on the treatment order.

Observation Units

Since resident care is our first priority, our staff has dedicated themselves to understanding what life is like for someone who has Alzheimer’s or dementia. Our staff has completed specialized training covering thPerry-County-17e confusion associated with the disease and the importance of listening to residents suffering from the disease.

The Observation Unit is an activity-oriented program designed to serve the best interests of our residents and make activities enriching and rewarding experiences. We offer individualized activities to meet each resident’s attention capabilities.

The Gender Specific Observation Units at Perry County Nursing Center are dedicated to provide a safe, structured and supportive environment for residents. By contributing to their environment and their companions, we believe each person with dementia or related illness will be able to live a purposeful and meaningful life..